Topics in Sampling: A Short Reading List

This post will be a short exploration of some of the mathematical and digital concepts involved in sampling, which I might attempt to explore further in later posts.

Digital-Analog Conversion

The process of digitizing analog signals (sound, light, etc) and re-outputting those signals as analog again.

Further Reading:

The Nyquist-Shannon Theorem

The Nyquist-Shannon Theorem states that you must sample at least 2x as often as the highest frequency you want to capture.

Further Readings:

Fourier Transforms

A mathematical function which transforms between time or space domain and frequency domain. In audio this can be used to visualize sound into graphs and find the specific frequency of sounds, typically using FFT (fast fourier transforms) and Spectrograph technology.

Further Reading:

Zero Crossings

A zero crossing is a frame of audio where the waveform where it has zero amplitude, it’s not rising to it’s peak or falling to it’s trough.

Further Readings:

ADSR Envelopes

Further Reading:


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