I’m not going to make any excuses, there is one reason why I am not going to upload my files tonight, I don’t feel it’s good enough for submission. This was caused by a combination of things, particularly my poor scheduling, in regards to balancing this, other projects, and work, but also because I made some early mistakes in the process (nosie floor, and sample length) which have been giving me trouble for a while now, but in my stubborness, I’ve not admitted it.

The noise floor is making it so that there is a noticeable dropout between notes, when played through headphones. This could possibly be fixed if I were to create a VST from scratch which filled the in-between notes with the room tone of the church. But that’s something that’s over my head.

Also, because I recorded long enough samples to make looping easy, I am having trouble making notes which are not held for at least the recorded duration of the sample use the natural decay recorded in the sample. I may have to edit shorter versions of the note and rely more on looping.

The point is, my files won’t be uploaded until Friday evening. I take full responsibility for my lateness, including any penalties that come with that. There will also be two more blog posts which chronicle my process, including the editing of the samples and the patch creation, which should go up around the same time as my files.

I apologize for this, and regret not being more open with these problems.


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